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Legendary 66: A Journey Through Time Along America’s Mother Road is a nostalgic time-trip across the transcontinental landscape of a bygone America, a book-length metaphor that echoes just how dramatically this country and it’s customs of long-distance overland travel have changed.

An photo-illustrated timeline of the old road, Legendary 66 is also a documentation of this epic highway’s rise from obscurity to its place of prominence in pop culture.  Juxtaposed against the history of the eight states it passes through, Witzel and Young unravel the back-story behind the conception, planning, and construction of this historic highway numbered 66.

Historical developments in automobiles, road building, and the migration of a population are interwoven across a dozen chapters—revealing a tapestry that illustrates how Americans on the move transformed the status of 66 to one of legend.  Through a collection of personal interviews, profiles, and regional histories, the story of a highway unfolds—revealing the enduring mythology of a true American road.

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